Everyone has a story to tell, and it is our biggest gift to humanity.

Hello, my name is Brett Kessler, DDS. Many people in the Colorado area know me as a dentist – a role that I value dearly. In addition to my work as a clinician, I am also a Trustee to the American Dental Association from the 14th District and a Past-President of the Colorado Dental Association.

I am a catalyst, a seeker, a writer, a leader, a mentor, and an adventurer. I am an avid endurance athlete, having participated in a multitude of events across the country, including two finishes at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

The genesis of my inspired life came as a result of my recovery from substance use disorder – a fact from which I never shy away. My life changed for the better in 1998 when I decided that the path I was on did not agree with my preferred future. When I found recovery, I set out to live my best life and do my part to make this world a better place for all.

It has been a gift to share my experiences, my successes, and even my failures. I have found that when I share, it empowers others to share their stories and hopefully make changes in their own lives. I believe that celebrating each other’s totality – our actualized selves – can go a long way toward transforming the world for the better.


It is an Infinite Game

I will never conquer the mountain I am climbing or the race I am competing in. These challenges humble me. I can only conquer myself – my fears, my self doubt or the limitations of my thoughts. When I want to quit…

Rafting with Max

As we pulled the raft out of the river and loaded it onto the roof of our car, I expressed how much fun this adventure was for me. His smile beamed the expression of pure joy. I’m sure he thought it was going to be just another trip down the river for him. It was an experience we both will treasure.


“Mayor of Stapleton” Receives Brand-New Smile

Kessler used to treat patients at a sobriety house downtown where homeless people can get resources when they commit to a better life, but they were having a lot of problems getting jobs without having their teeth fixed.

Drs. Kessler and Murdoch-Kinch Join DLN’s National Board

Dental Lifeline Network welcomes two new members to the National Board, Dr. Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch and Dr. Brett Kessler. Dr. Kessler has been recognized as a 5280 Magazine, “Top Dentist” every year since 2006.


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